Carol Cline’s Start Potty Training Program Review

Potty Training Kids

My Woes

I am a mum of two chipmunks, Rami (9years old) and Agu (5years old). With Ramyak, being a first time mum, the book “What to expect when you are expecting” by Heidi Murkoff was my go to book. Every day brought new experiences for me.  When the time for toilet training came , Rami was like an easy breeze. It was as easy and simple as switching on/off a light bulb. And it surprised me when my girlfriends discussed the woes of potty training their kids.

You must be wondering, why I am here writing this article. My reason is Agu. When she turned 2years old and I thought it is the right time to potty train her as well. I applied all my valuable experience. Nothing worked and now I could feel the pain of my girlfriends. My first take was that probably she is still not ready to be toilet trained and I left my efforts midway.

But, when I decided to go back to work full time, I had to enroll Agu to Pre-School which would accept kids only when they are toilet trained. My anxiety level was over the top.

After trying few tips and tricks from well intended friends and doing my research, I came across Carol Cline’s Start Potty Training Program. I must say what a relief it was to have this program up my sleeve. I could see visible efforts within 36 hours. As Carol right says in her book “This is a bitter sweet moment in parents life because your child is one step closer to becoming fully independent”.

The program is bundled in the audio, video and readable version together so you can get started right away, anyway you want.

Few things this course covers

  1. Signs of when to start potty training
  2. Prepare yourself and your kid
  3. Equipments needed before training starts
  4. Teaching hygiene habits
  5. Different techniques to train boys, girls, older twins and multiple children or toddlers with special needs
  6. How to tackle possible roadblocks and complications

Why would I recommend this program

  1. Inexpensive (cost less than pack of diapers) with lots of success stories which can be found here
  2. Personal support system – Every child is different so would need unique way to approach a unique situation. She has opened a special life line especially for customers following ‘Start Potty Training’ which in my opinion is absolutely fantastic if you can get answers to questions which are just for you
  3. 100% Money back guarantee – 8 weeks money back guarantee which only shows the confidence Carol has in the program
  4. The program is bundled: with freebies like free reward charts. Also, add on is a fantastic e-book, Parenting – How to raise great kid


And why will I not recommend this program

  1. With so much of data out there, you can do your own research and put the time in and I am sure you would be able to draw up a plan as well. But, from my own experience, time becomes a very precious commodity with kids running around.
  2. Also, this program is not as successful for someone who does not have 3 days at stretch to implements all procedures of the program. Consistency is the key to this program.


Finally, I would like to say that ‘Start Potty Training Program‘ will give tips and tricks which will certainly help parents in getting desired results. If you still have not been able to make up your mind, I would highly recommend going to the website where you can read reviews and decide for yourself please Click here for Instant access to Carol Cline’s ‘Start Potty Training Program’.

Author Bio

Rinshu lives in Australia with her two kids. She is a business mum and a wonderful cook. She loves to try new things and go on new adventures.