Baby and FashionAs much as possible you want to provide your baby with the best of this world. One way then is to clothe your baby, the best fabric there is. You see, the baby’s skin is more sensitive as compared to kids and grown-ups. They are more prone to bacteria leading to skin rashes and a fatal health issue for delicate babies. In such cases, it is really essential for mums to pick the right choice and the right fabrics to use. If you have a baby or you are soon going to be a first-time mother, and you don’t know much about, what your baby should wear, read this post.

Cotton fabrics

Cotton is best for babies. Why? Babies’ skin is so delicate. It can easily get a rash once rubbed by fabric that does not fit to use for babies. Cotton is so soft, and it is hundred percent made of natural organic fabric thus when touched by baby’s skin will not cause any unnecessary skin issue.

Apart from the extra softness cotton can provide babies, it is also loosely connected, so it is breathable and will keep babies cool during hot or warm weather. This is also among reasons why cotton fabric is very common to use in most tropical countries.

Cotton fabric is also dermatologically tested and proven non-allergens. Remember that the babies’ skin is your utmost concern when choosing a great fabric to use. It should be natural and will not cause any harm to babies’ skin with regular use. In this sense, cotton wins as it is tested and proven non-allergic than synthetic ones.

Cotton fabric is also durable and economical to use. As said previously, it is organic, non-medicated and breathable. Not to mention, this kind of fabric is also washable thus you not only save effort and time, but you can also save as much money using cotton fabrics.

Bamboo fabric

Bamboo fabric is your second option when it comes to babies clothing. Bamboo fabric or simply bamboo is like cotton which is organic and non-allergic. Apart from it can be thermo-regulated, one bonus it has, that other fabrics don’t have is that it is anti-bacterial. Meaning, your babies’ skin can be protected using this kind of fabric.


When cotton or bamboo is not available in your area, you can go for the third option. A cashmere fabric can also be good for your baby’s delicate skin. However, cashmere is quite a luxury and non-economical taking into account the price and the duration in which your babies will be able to use it. Cashmere is a luxury fabric as they say. It is specially catered for fashion purposes. Apart from that, cashmere falls amongst the most delicate textile to care for, and you might want to consider spillage that occurs while babies are eating and drinking. It is not usually washable. Thus, you badly need to give miles of extra care for it.
Well, as small and delicate their bodies are, babies need to be clothed with the best you can provide specifically for a reason. As mentioned, they got sensitive skin making them prone to bacteria, blisters and callouses and even fatal issue. In such case, you can prevent that with proper handling, proper care and good choice of draping. Cotton is best for babies as they are breathable and hundred percent organic. Bamboo is also great to use for it is hypo-allergenic at the same time has anti-bacterial property. A combination of both fabrics would be perfect for babies. Your last option would be using a luxury fabric like cashmere. It is nice to use. However, like I said, it is among materials which needed extra care, so it’s not even economical to use for babies regardless of its’ softness.