When you decide to have kids, you were hopefully also aware of the responsibility as well as the things that can come with it. Giving birth is pure bliss. The problem often arises once this baby grows and reach at around two years of age. Why? One thing you need to know apart from raising one is how to manage when the tantrum occurs. Can you manage a two years old tantrum? If not, here are a few steps you can use.

Specifically, when your kids have a tantrum, they usually don’t listen. In fact, they often cannot put themselves up together in a few minutes. In such case, your intervention as a mother is really necessary.

Now, managing your kid when in tantrum depends on your parenting style. If you are the disciplinarian type, you surely would be using tough principles to discipline your kids. Perhaps, you can also be the hard-hearted parent there is. However, if you are the opposite then you surely be using most of your heart in it.

The possible effect of this kind of management would lead to several effects to kids. Being too hard when managing your 2-year-old kids in tantrum would be that they become resistant and defensive. On the other hand, being too soft may lead to over-protection of your kids that they may take your commands for granted. In such cases, what really are we going to do then? Several parents have shared their thoughts concerning how they manage their kids having tantrums.

Here are some of those:

Hugging your kids when in tantrums calm them down a little. The moment you sense that your kid has calmed down that’s the moment you start talking to them and inject your tough principles. Perhaps, offering something as reconciliation is a great trick you can do.

Kids as young six months and two years old are attention seekers. When they throw some tantrums, the top behavior they would do is to drop or log roll to the floor until they get your attention. Ignore them but be sure to keep your lateral senses eyeing on their safety. Later, you will notice that they will stop crying. In other words, when your kids drop to the floor pretend that you don’t notice them.

Being Firm
Kids as young as two years old can understand simple principles like reward and a little punishment. When your kids start throwing tantrums, one thing you can do is being firm on your stand with them. Let them learn that doing so would not lead to good things like losing more things than adding one.

Let them choose
The basic causes of tantrums are when your kids want something they can’t have. If in case your 2-year-old throws a tantrum in a department store because of an expensive doll, let him/her pick an alternative to it, say a less expensive one that is as beautiful as the latter. In such way, you are not only managing your kid’s tantrum, but you are also teaching your kid some lesson they will not forget their entire life.

In all those mentioned ways on how to manage a 2-year-old in tantrums, there is just one thing as clear as water-positive parenting. Certainly, parenting is not just all about the happy moments. Along with it are also bad times especially when it comes to raising kids who throw tantrums often. However, as said, they can be managed. The choice is yours!