Baby and Fashion

Some say that it is best to have a daughter than a son for reasons. One reason is that it is easier to find the best clothing for girls than there is for boys. However, for whatever reasons they could be, the clothes must serve the purpose of protecting your baby. With the advent of time, there have been many baby’s clothing selections to choose from the cheapest to the pricey one. Of course, the choice is always yours. Before we go deep into which one is fitted, safest and at the same time trendy for the newborn baby, let’s delve into some basic things to know first, safety for your baby.

Skin sensitivity can be Fatal

Allergy is common to many newborn, but you will never know your baby has it until tested and tried. A lot of mothers take this for granted, thinking that it is not that serious. Remember, skin sensitivity is a serious illness that somehow could be fatal when not watched carefully. For such reason, when opting to purchase clothes especially for babies, may it be for girls or boys, it is essential to undergo skin sensitivity test for certain textiles. Your baby could be allergic to one or two fabrics, and you do not know it. As a mother, you need to secure your baby’s safety first above anything else. So, may it be the most expensive or the trendiest clothing, if it will kill your baby then there is no reason to purchase it? Right? Anyway, this does not apply to everybody. Some babies are just born truly a fighter.

Chemicals use for washing

Whether you say that you are using the safest chemicals how can you be sure it’s the right and proper chemicals to use for baby’s clothing? How certain can you be that your baby is not exposed to any of those harmful chemicals out there? This is an issue on how you are gonna handle your baby’s clothing, so they come out safest and ready to wear. Hard soaps and detergents are major toxins you use for cleaning your baby’s delicate fabrics. Some chemicals which can be present in your hard soaps and detergent may contain benzidine and formaldehyde. These two elements are both carcinogenic. Meaning, they can harm your baby. In such case, make sure you are using a hypoallergenic soap or perhaps an organic form of detergent.

Handwashing your Clothes

What do you prefer? Handwash baby’s clothing, air dry or use a machine for cleaning it? Whatever method you prefer, it is best to clean the baby’s clothing properly. Machine wash clothes still contain stains and some unwanted dirt. Remember that washing machine will only centrifuge. It will not directly clean stains. The only method that is suited for baby’s clothing is to hand-wash it. That way, you can easily pin out which area are dirtiest and needs more effort at the same time protecting the fabric from getting ruined.

After learning about these basic things about safety and baby’s clothing, it’s about time to discuss which clothes are safest and trendy for boys and girls. Girls and boys have various distinctions when it comes to clothing. Say, which colors are best for girls and which suit boys. Which designs are catered for boys and which are suited for girls? Well, these are definitely fun facts to learn about. Basically, there is no point disagreeing whether these clothes would fit only for baby boys or for baby girls as the baby can wear just any clothes as long as they are safe. But, for those who are really picky and trendy, here are some tips about which one to purchase for your beloved.

White fabrics are ideal for baby boys!

If you can picture out your little boy wearing an organic white fabric may it be carter or old navy, then you can top it with just anything as blazer and coat paired with the fashionable hat made of course from the softest fabric. This seems to be today’s latest fashion. That way, you are making him look like a tiny version of your husband. Just because your baby boy is still a baby does not mean you restrict the style of clothing he can wear as long as the fabrics are safe then it is good to go.

Jumpsuits for both Genders

Stretchy jumpsuits are popular these days. However, not all jumpsuits are for both genders. You see, there is always a distinction. Say, the color for instance. Jumpsuits with the lighter shade of colors are great for baby girls while darker shades are for boys. As we all know, flowery stuff is not for boys. Some jumpsuits have flower prints on them. Some are even styled according to female cartoon characters. But of course, you would not want to clothe you baby boy with a female cartoon character, right? Perhaps, those with animal and superhero prints as well as abstract prints and striped would go best for baby boys. Carter overall has a variety of print designs to choose from for both genders.

Tiny dresses are for baby girls

Who says your baby girl cannot wear dresses? She can. But of course, there is always some consideration. You need to make sure your little girl is rightfully protected and covered. With this, clothing your baby girl just any dresses would not make sense. If you have to clothe her tiny dress, then pair it with a soft tights or socks. A pair of busha baby leggings would go with it nicely. You see, newborns are easily cold. They need warmth. The least you could do to protect them from that is to cover them with the right clothing. There are numerous baby dresses you can avail of over the web. If you will be keen enough as to where to purchase, you will surely get one at very reasonable prices.

Newborn need not Fashion

Newborns are delicate. Whether you like to clothe them fashionable clothes or not, the fact is they need not fashion too much. Simple garments as organic t- shirts and long pants can already be best for baby boys. There are also some manufacturers trying to copy some fashionable clothing to better suit it to baby boys. Say, an overall soft version of a pair of a tuxedo. Lightly colored tiny dresses would be best for baby girls. The good thing is that baby girls can also wear just plain soft shirts and pants. Indeed, you can easily clothe a baby girl than a baby boy. Perhaps, this is one among reasons ladies out there wants their first born a baby girl.

Organic Fabrics have no distinction

There are hundreds to thousands of stores out there claiming to offer the best clothing for your newborns. But, you can never be sure your baby’s safety with those clothing unless the clothes are proven and tested safe to wear. As said earlier in this post, the fabric use is one major element you need to assess thoroughly. You may purchase the most expensive of all but make sure they best and safest. Organic fabrics are for both genders. It is just a matter of style and design. There are organic fabrics simply design for boys and there is those design to clothing baby girls. So, whether you have a baby girl or a baby boy does not matter really as long as it’s made of organic fabrics.

By now, reading through the information in this article, you should identify which things you need to do and need not for your baby. As said, whatever gender your baby is, there is always clothing best suited for them. Fashion and style are there but definitely not a must. What is important is your baby’s safety with the right and proper clothing wear you have purchased for them. With that said, baby garments made out from the softest organic fabrics are best for baby. These are fabrics which have fewer to none chemicals in them.