Babies are born particularly color blind. However, this does not mean they can be color blind for the rest of their lives. There is just a portion of their eyesight that can only detect one to two colors at birth. They are usually white and black. It simply means that all humans started to see things gradually. As they grow a day or weeks older, they become acquainted with colors. The first colors they can see and appreciate are black and white.

At birth, newborn’s eyesight is not really too sensitive to light as much as colors. This means that whatever color the nursery room is prepared for, may not be too necessary for a newborn. However, as they grow a day older and more, they come to distinguish white and the other bright colors around them.

At more than two months, your baby can now distinguish colors already. However, this is not instant. Your babies’ eyesight gradually develops and appreciates pastel colors first. Then, the eyes can identify different colors at several months. At almost a year older, your babies’ eyesight can now differentiate all the colors of the rainbows including those which are considered bright colors.

Colour perception

In a study conducted about color perception, it was found out that most babies’ are not into one color of multiple shades. Somehow, the study shows that most babies are enthusiastic about seeing a color that is new to them rather than the one that they usually see. Thus, when you give babies toys of the same colors repetitively, it can lead to the babies’ loss of interest and attention to that object. Moreover, kids who participated in the said study tend to have less appeal to earth colors as brown and green and gray. However, have strong inclination to a variety of bright colors.

Basically, if you base everything on the notion and the study, you will come to the idea of choosing what babies and kids are attracted to when it comes to toys. Babies are attracted to a variety of bright colors specifically because those are the colors their eyes usually perceived. However, it does not mean they do not notice the other colors. It is just that bright colors seem to shine brightly to them than the rest of the colors. Now, should you be choosing pink for girls and blue for boys? Or just pick any other colors you like? Certainly, these colors are commonly associated with gender. However, how can you be so sure that your babies or kids would love your present? You cannot be sure.

So, what should you really purchase then? As said, babies and kids eyesight develop gradually. At a young age, they can only see a few colors then see pastel colors before the bright ones. This means that you need not purchase one color for a toy. You need to base it to your babies’ or kids’ age as well. With this information, it is safe to purchase even one design of toys with a variety of bright colors. Nonetheless, your kid will not appreciate the designs rather the variety of bright colors of the toys.

Generally, your babies or kids’ choice for colors may not be permanent for all year round. Remember that as the kid grows and mature, preferences change. You see, kids nowadays can be impulsive and decisive at some point.